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2017/18 tax packs are coming soon! Click here to register your interest or continue below so get this years pack.

Don’t wait for the postman. If you’d like to be front of the queue, simply download the pack, fill in the details and send it back to us. Then we’ll work as fast as we can to pay you.

Don’t mind waiting or prefer to do things by post? No problem, simply fill in your details here to request a pack and we’ll pop one in the post.


Remember: the pack includes everything we need to get your tax rebate sorted for you, so make sure you fill in all of the sections.

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Top tips for completing your pack

You can complete our NEW online tax pack on screen or by hand, whichever suits you.

Make sure that all of your contact and bank details are correct when filling in your form.

Your signature is important. Make sure you’ve signed all of the relevant sections indicated in yellow on the form.

Ensure you take the time to fill in the correct expenses and mileage. Take the time to be sure they are accurate as these will affect your rebate figure.