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You can beat the blues by claiming your Early Tax Rebate in January

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Get up to 60% of your annual tax rebate TODAY

April Top Up

We’ll then give you the remaining amount in April… Nice one Brian!

New & Exclusive, Brian Alfred’s Early Tax Rebate is here

If you’re looking to start the new year with a bit more money in your back pocket, then look no further. We’re delighted to have launched our new Early Tax Rebate service, exclusive to all CIS construction workers.

What’s an Early Tax Rebate? Well it’s pretty simple.

We work out what you’re estimated rebate will be for the full tax year and depending on when you submit the paperwork we’ll pay you up to 60% of that total there and then. You’ll then get the remaining amount of your rebate in April 2017.

It’s as easy as that! So why wait ‘til April for your tax rebate? Nice one Brian!

Call us on 01925 645 273

Calculate your Early Tax Rebate

When do you want your Early Rebate?

How much was your last tax rebate claim?


Your estimated Early Tax Rebate is:


Please note, as calculations are based on previous year's rebate the figure shown may not represent the final rebate you receive.
Only available for workers who have been 100% CIS since April 2016.

Call us on 01925 645 273

Don't just take our word for it...

Darren from Rhyll got a £711 rebate

“I got my Early Tax Rebate sorted. Spot on! I’ve already told all my mates about it.”

- Darren, Plasterer

Craig from Newcastle got a £822 rebate

“In January, every bit of money helps. My Early Tax Rebate definitely did. Nice one Brian!”

- Craig, Roofer

Rob from Hull got a £840 rebate

“Brilliant! My Early Tax Rebate helped with my holiday spends!”

- Rob, Groundworker

James from Norwich got a £1,023 rebate

“Us scaffolders live week by week. My Early Tax Rebate sorted Christmas & New Year for me!."

- James, Scaffolder

Refer a friend for an Early Tax Rebate

  • Get £50 for each referral
  • Get £400 for five referrals
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